For Tenants

Application Process

All applicants must submit a completed application form and submit two months bank statements, latest tax return and a proforma profit and loss statement if a start up. If we approve your application we will notify you by letter. At that time we require a non-refundable deposit to hold the space until a lease is signed. This deposit will be credited to your security deposit.

A pdf of our Application Form can be found here.

Lease Information

Urban Properties, Inc. wants you to be successful in the market place. We offer flexible lease terms including month-to-month terms to encourage start ups. Our requirements include clean credit, a sound business plan and reasonable reserves. We have on occasion taken greater risk if we like your business and you.


We generally use the lease forms supplied by AIR Commercial Real Estate Association. For our industrial spaces, we use the Standard Industrial/Commercial Multi Tenant Lease-Gross. For our office tenants, we use their Standard Multi-Tenant Office Lease-Gross form.

For an example of the industrial lease form click here.


We like to renew leases with our tenants and usually do so long as we can agree on the rent and any other changes that may have come up during the original lease term(s). If a tenant does not have a signed renewal addendum 30 days or more before the end of their lease, we assume they do not intend to stay and we might start marketing the space. It is up to the tenant to contact us about renewals although we may also reach out to them first.

Cost of Living Adjustments

For leases with a cost of living adjustment we occasionally use the Bay Area Consumer Price Index or we will set a fixed 3% rent increase annually. For one or two year leases we generally apply a fixed rent.

Common Area Maintenance Costs (CAM)

All tenants are required to pay their share of the Common Area Maintenance costs of their building and their share of insurance and property tax increases as described in Paragraph 4 of the Lease. We require a monthly payment estimate which we reconcile at the end of the June 30 fiscal year. 


All tenants are required to carry liability insurance, with the lessor named as additional insured. We require an Acord 25 form naming our lessors as additional insured.
For a copy of the Acord 25 Form click here.


Once you have a signed lease, most tenants will need to contact PG&E to have gas and electric service put in your name. All tenants except office tenants are required to have separate garbage service.

Utility Company Phone Numbers

  1. PG&E Business Customers 800-468-4743
  2. South San Franciscio Garbage: South San Francisco Scavenger 650-589-4020
  3. Burlingame Garbage Service: Recology San Mateo: 650-595-3900